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Dates:  Select Saturdays

Time:  Noon - 4pm

Price:  $75

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Pick Up Location

825 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis MN 55402 - Outside of Rock Bottom Brewery in LaSalle Plaza 


This tour includes our fun open air bus April - October, and our luxury coach November - March

Trans - Junior Pint


Urban Growler

Urban Growler is Minnesota's first woman-owned brewery with a mission of galvanizing the beer drinking community.  Their beer is handcrafted in 10-barrel batches under the close supervision of Head Brewer and Owner, Deb Loch. They make both traditional beers, like CowBell Cream Ale™, as well as non-traditional beers like Big Boot™ Rye IPA.  Their “Plow to Pint®” Series emphasizes creating brews with a unique local twist. They partner with our Urban Farmers to bring their harvest, such as Minnesota wild rice, honey, raspberries, and pumpkins (to name a few) into their specialty beers.

Boom Island 

Boom Island has been brewing unique, Belgian-inspired craft beers in Minneapolis since 2001. The founders were professional French horn players who left the orchestra world to channel all their creativity into brewing.  Kevin, one of the owners, traveled to 13 breweries across Belgium to brew side-by-side with the leading innovators in Belgian brewing. He also brought home the ultimate souvenir: nine strains of yeast from their source breweries. Today, Kevin uses several of those strains to produce the elusive qualities only found in beer from the breweries of their origin.


Fulton was the first brewery to find their home in the Northloop neighborhood founded in 2009.  Started homebrewing out of a South Minneapolis garage and contract brewing at a small Wisconsin brewery. Their dream was to build a real Minneapolis brewery of their own in the next 5-10 years, and quit their day jobs along the way. They ended up building 2 breweries within 3 years.  Some of their popular brews include Sweet Child of Vine and Lonely Blonde. 


Urban Growler features a restaurant with a full menu and at Fulton you can usually find a food truck

Ending Location

Ending location will be the same as the starting location at Rock Bottom Brewery - the first Brew Pub in Minneapolis.  After the tour stop in - we'll give you a "buy one pint, get one free pint".  A drink and food full menu is available in the bar or restaurant.

Ending Location - Rock Bottom Brewery MPLS