Looking for a local guide to enhance your visit to Minneapolis and St Paul?

We offer Professional Step-On Guide Services and Professional Tour Escort Services, making your experience to the Twin Cities easy, educational, informative, and fun!

Unlike other companies, our guides are highly trained employees of the company. Several have tour guide and tour director certifications, and all work year-round as professional guides, proudly showing off what the Twin Cities has to offer.

Our knowledgeable guides can help your driver navigate the city streets and highways, share local history, and give tips on the best places to eat and drink. They know their way around by bus and light rail, and on foot.

Additionally, several of our Tour Guides are also experienced Tour Directors, successfully managing multi-day over-the-road tours in all locations across the United States, Canada, and Europe. They can escort your group around the Cities providing directions, managing your itinerary, and keeping you on schedule.

Services Include


Step-On Tour Guide

A.  Tour Guide Executes Our Existing Itineraries

B.  Tour Guide Executes A Fully Planned And Routed Itinerary You Provide

C.  Tour Guide Executes A Custom Itinerary That We Plan


Tour Escort / Tour Director / Tour Manager / Tour Leader


Airport Meet & Greet / Airport Transfers


Other Services


How do I book?

Pricing varies per your needs.

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