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Time:  Noon - 4pm

Price:  $75

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825 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis MN 55402 - Outside of Rock Bottom Brewery in LaSalle Plaza 


This tour includes our luxury coach 

Trans - Junior Pint



Bad Weather Brewing produces ales that are Untethered and Unpredictable, just like the weather here in Minnesota. The lineup of beers will be constantly changing with fun and unique brews that capture the spirit of the season. With a flagship beer to keep them anchored, an emphasis will be placed on the seasonal beer selection, coming and going as unpredictably as the next thunderstorm. 


Tin Whiskers mission is to make technically excellent beers, and is the perfect place for beer-nerds and non-nerds alike. They bring our electrical engineering backgrounds into the brewery with their beer names, listing of ingredients and our scientific approach to the brewing process and branding, including circuit board flight holders and the creation of new and innovative beers.

They have year-round beers, seasonal offerings, and prototype small batch recipes always available in the taproom. 


Flat Earth is located in one of the most unique breweries - it's the old Hamm's Brewery in the huge Hamm's Brewery compound.  They have been brewing beer since before our local craft brew craze and one of the first to have a tap room with the passing of the Surly Bill.  The have a large variety of brews, but if you like hoppy you need to make this a stop.  They feature the hoppiest IPA in the Midwest at 115 IBU's!


Food trucks can usually be found 

Ending Location

Ending location will be the same as the starting location at Rock Bottom Brewery - the first Brew Pub in Minneapolis.  After the tour stop in - we'll give you a "buy one pint, get one free pint".  A full drink and food menu is available in the bar or restaurant.

Ending Location - Rock Bottom Brewery MPLS